Barnardos Mother of the Year WA finalist, proudly supported by ALDI Australia.

WA finalist Annette Stagg - nominated by daughter Alyce.

Annette Stagg’s story is nothing short of “incredible”, according to her daughter and nominator, Alyce Woodrow, 33. The 65-year-old widow, mother of three and foster carer to her 10-year-old granddaughter has always put others before herself, especially children at risk, even during times of extreme personal crisis.

“Working as a fulltime Teachers Assistant for the past 20 years, Mum has always been a champion for children who are scared, vulnerable and without a voice,” said Alyce. “She has worked on countless cases with the Department of Education, Department of Child Protection and the Police to ensure young children who show signs of abuse and neglect are looked after.”

Annette’s baby granddaughter came into her care when she was nursing her terminally ill husband as well as her own mother, whose health was deteriorating. Sadly, both have since passed.

Annette was also dealing with her son’s drug addiction at the time, and later she faced her own health battle with cancer, which is now in remission.

“Although it is at times incredibly difficult, she continues to fight for children’s rights and does an incredible job at caring for her granddaughter,” Alyce said.

“Everyone who meets Mum and knows her story says that she should be recognised for an award like this, so now it is my turn to share her story and shine the spotlight on her for all the work she does.

“She really is the most incredible Mum and truly deserves to be recognised as Barnardos Mother of the Year."