Barnardos Mother of the Year VIC finalist, proudly supported by ALDI Australia.

VIC finalist Jennifer Gallagher - nominated by son Brocke.

At the age of 63, Jennifer Gallagher is the fulltime carer of her baby grandson. This follows a lifetime spent caring for her own four children, including a severely disabled 39-year-old daughter, her disabled godson and more than 20 foster children.

She is nominated by her son, Brocke Gallagher, 27, who describes his mother as “my best friend and my biggest inspiration in life.”

“Mum's second eldest daughter, my sister, is severely disabled and requires a lot of care to function during day-to-day life,” said Brocke.

Along with caring for her own children and grandchildren, Mum has also been involved with fostering children for 35 years, over that time caring for around 22 children and young adults for various periods of time.”

Jennifer also took in her 6-year-old disabled godson, who is still in her permanent care now in his late 30’s.

“My mum is the most selfless person you would ever meet, dedicating her life to helping others, caring for people in need and raising her family,” said Brocke.

“I can’t wait to have children of my own so they can grow up in the presence of my beautiful and caring Mother.

“To be awarded Barnardos Mother of The Year for 2020 would no doubt make my mum and all of our family very proud!"