Barnardos Mother of the Year TAS finalist, proudly supported by ALDI Australia.

TAS finalist Ann Barrett - nominated by daughter Kelly.

Ann Barrett was just 13 when her own mother died, and subsequently she and her 10 siblings were separated. When she became a mother five years later, Ann vowed to keep her own family loved and together at all costs.

Now a much-loved mother of four and grandmother of 13, Ann, 64, has stayed true to her word.

“My mother is the backbone of our family; she is our rock, our lifeboat when we are sinking,” said her daughter and nominator, Kelly Read, 46.

“Our happiness has always come before her own.”

Ann helped raise Kelly’s three children when Kelly was sick with Crohn’s disease and recovering from a liver transplant.

“Without mum, I would have given up,” Kelly said.

Ann has also faced her own critical health issues, including multiple heart attacks, two strokes and a brain aneurysm, but “has bounced back stronger than ever before,” according to Kelly. She’s suffered her fair share of heartbreak, too.

“Unfortunately, one of her grandchildren died of cot death at her house and Mum has always blamed herself for that, but none of us do,” said Kelly.

“My mum is not only my hero but many others hero too.

“I don't know what I would do without my Mummy; God knows at times I have tried her patience, but she always stands by me."