Barnardos Mother of the Year NSW finalist, proudly supported by ALDI Australia.

NSW finalist Margie Bailey - nominated by friend Margueritte.

When Margie Bailey said goodbye to her last little one after 36 years of fostering children in need, her friend, Margueritte Morrison, 57, felt Australia needed to say a proper thank you and goodbye.

Margie, 59, and her husband, Ron Bailey, began fostering in their 20’s. The inspirational couple has provided a stable and loving home for hundreds of children in their time of need, for many years.

“Many parents have said that they knew in the moment that they had Margie’s support and care of their child through the hardest experience of their lives. ‘It was okay’, because Margie was walking through this journey with them.”

As a mother of two and grandmother of four children, Margie and Ron “haven't stopped loving and giving their all in over 35 years”.

“From the sweet first moments of a child’s development to the bittersweet heart-wrenching goodbyes, Margie has given a piece of her heart to every child that has walked through her doors,” Margueritte said.

Margie not only walks alongside parents and children in their journeys, but also carers in a peer support mentor role, providing guidance and support, as well as a listening ear.

“You know their journey as foster carers have touched and changed the lives of many children,” Margueritte said.

“Children who say thank you."