WA Finalist

Congratulations to our WA finalist - Donna Hessing.
Nominated by her daughter, Leah Horbach.

Three years ago, Donna Hessing brought home her nine-week-old granddaughter to live with her. The baby joined her brother and sister, who were already in Donna’s care. Donna has put her career in respite care on hold to be the full-time foster carer of her three grandchildren and to keep the siblings from being separated.

A recent diagnosis of breast cancer, followed by surgery and chemotherapy, has not swayed Donna’s quest to provide her grandchildren with a loving family and a safe home.

The mother of four adult children was nominated by her daughter, Leah Horbach, who admires her Mum’s determination to keep families together and support her children, no matter what.

“When I gave birth to my first son as a single mother, Mum moved us into her house and helped me raise him, all while working full-time. She let me live with her until I could save for a deposit for a house of our own,” Leah says.

“Mum had finally gotten into a comfortable life with all three kids this year when she got the devastating news that she had breast cancer.

“Despite recovering from a mastectomy, going to multiple appointments every week and starting chemotherapy, the three kids are still her main priority. She still looks after them every day, making sure they are fed, bathed, loved and happy.

“For someone who has had so much heartache in her life she is still the most loving mother and grandmother that any family could wish for. She takes on everything that life is thrown at her and does what needs to be done!

“She is my strength and inspiration every single day,” says Leah.