SA Finalist

Congratulations to our SA finalist - Chantelle Rowe.
Nominated by her Great Uncle, Greg Perry.

Chantelle Rowe’s belief in her two young children knows no bounds. In 2007, her son Kaiden was born, six weeks premature and suffering from brain bleeds and an enlarged liver. He was not expected to survive – a prognosis his mother refused to believe. Despite numerous health issues, including impaired hearing and a diagnosis of Autism, Kaiden continues to thrive, as does Chantelle, who harnessed the opportunity to make a difference to other mothers and their babies by pursuing an education and career in midwifery.

With a determination born from her experience with Kaiden, Chantelle enrolled for Health Services Foundation Studies at the University of South Australia. She then went on to complete the Midwifery course and achieve her goal of becoming a registered midwife.

Chantelle was nominated by her great uncle, Greg Perry, who believes Kaiden is thriving due to Chantelle’s profound love and caring.

“Kaiden had his first hearing aids fitted at three years of age and his first bilateral cochlear implant in 2011,” says Greg.

“The improvement in his quality of life when the implants were activated has to be seen to be believed. Kaiden also is on the Autism spectrum but with his mother’s devotion, he is now thriving in a normal school environment.

“Her devotion to her children Kaiden and Kayla has led her on this path and her ambition to give her children the best possible life is her lifelong aim. She is an inspiration and a great mother,” says Greg.


Photocredit Juan Van Staden at JuanPhotography