QLD Finalist

Congratulations to our QLD finalist - Tracey Chambers.
Nominated by her daughter, Hannah Chambers.

Nothing phases mum of seven, Tracey Chambers. She has been a rock for her children who have battled with mental health issues and a complex medical condition, yet she still finds time to inspire and support others in her community who are facing challenges.

Her children range in age from 29 to 9, with the youngest child born severely disabled as a result of a rare chromosomal disorder. Despite the grim prognosis, Tracey threw herself into learning how to give her daughter the best chance in life, mastering sign language, braille and the practical skills required to care for her at home.

She was nominated by her daughter, Hannah Chambers, who says her Mum is “the most devoted, caring and sacrificial mother and grandmother” and a “shoulder for others to lean on”.

“For over 20 years, Mum has home-schooled us and provided a strong education for each child,” says Hannah.

“Through all her parenting years, she has faced and overcome many challenges such as financial compromises to her lifestyle and struggles with her health.

“As a parent, she has walked with her children though many mental health battles and diagnosis that have led to challenging behaviours and depression and she has always been their biggest rock and counsellor.

“Never once has she become deflated about giving my sister the best chance of life and educating her. Her days are at medical appointments and her nights are spent cleaning up ‘explosions’ yet she still home-schools my sister to give her the best exposure to learn, seeing every slight milestone with joy,” Hannah says.

Tracey also provides support for parents of children with special needs and is involved in charity and fundraising events to inspire others to give their support.