NT Finalist

Congratulations to our NT finalist - Melissa Lay.
Nominated by friend, Nicole Manison.

Melissa Lay is a heroine in the eyes of the Northern Territory community. The mother of 5 children and foster carer to two children also provides emergency foster care for newborns. Currently she has in her care two young siblings who came to her when they were babies.

In 2017, Melissa saved the life of a 15-month-old boy who had drowned at Sanctuary Lakes at Palmerston. She was walking with her family when she saw the toddler lying face-down in the lake, rescued him and began the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) that saved his life. Following this experience, she successfully lobbied the Palmerston Council to improve safety around the playground near the lake to ensure a similar accident would not happen again.

Melissa was nominated by Nicole Manison, Labor Party member of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly.

“Melissa is an amazing lady who is always putting children first,” says Nicole.

“She is a wonderful mother who truly captures the spirit of the Barnados Mother of the Year.”