NSW Finalist

Congratulations to our NSW finalist - Karina Elliott.
Nominated by her friend, Camara Holland.

Karina Elliott has faced many challenges in life, including losing her hearing as a toddler. Prevented from learning sign language, young Karina taught herself how to lip read. Not having access to sign language as a youngster, Karina worked tirelessly with her own mum (and speech pathologists) to learn to lip read. She learnt to advocate for herself and now, as a Deaf single mother of 4, she is passionate about giving kids a voice.

Today, as a deaf single-mother of three, Karina may not have a voice but that hasn’t stopped her from home-schooling her children (aged 12, 10 and 9) and teaching them Auslan to enable her family to communicate through sign language. She also teaches Auslan to help others communicate with the Deaf community.

18 months ago, she also welcomed a Deaf foster child (aged 8) into her family for long-term care.

Karina was nominated by her friend, Camara Holland.

“Karina faces every challenge with determination and loves to give generously of herself,” says Camara.

“Her incredible children are testament to her love and care. She's the type of person that will drop everything for a person in need and has a home where she welcomes everyone –including all the children from the neighbourhood!

“She loves to advocate for the deaf community and teaches Auslan to anyone who wants to learn,” Camara says. “She is absolute gold!”